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of customers pay more for a better customer experience


Customer Experience is Tops

Consumers now consider customer experience more important than brand and price.


Costs Up to 25X More

to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer


Identify Your Customers Friction Points

Are your customers expressing frustration at specific points in the lifecycle?  Is shipping information transparent and communicated effectively to the customer?  Are you checking in with your customer once they have received the product to confirm everything is in working order?  Use your customer journey map as a guide to remove friction points.

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Find Opportunities to Wow

What are you doing well now?

Identify the areas you are doing well and take your customer experience to the next level by building on your strengths as an organization.  Do customers love how knowledgeable and helpful your sales team is?  Use that information to create even more impactful interactions with your sales team.  Allow your sales team to explore new communication channels like video and direct mail.

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